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License Amendment


All business activities in the UAE must possess a valid trade license from the authorized body which regulates and controls the licensing policies in the UAE. Certain businesses need approval from the concerned Ministries for the issuance of their trade license. There are three main categories for business licenses- Professional, Commercial, and Industrial which is a basic requirement for all activities to carry out their business affairs.

Business licenses in the UAE is issued for one year and once it expires, you will not be able to carry out your business activities. If you would like to make amendments during this time, you can certainly do so. Our efficient team members keep you informed about expiry dates and renewals by acting as timely reminder.

Amendments in License-

You can make the following changes to your license:

1. With regards to ownership-

• Change local sponsor
• Change owner or partner’s name
• Change director’s name
• Change owner or partner nationality
• Remove partner
• Change director
• Change the nationality of the director
• Add partner
• Change partner
• Withdraw partner
• Add director
• Remove local sponsor
• Remove local sponsor
• Replacement of heirs-shares and license
• Devolution of share or license

2. Concerning business activity-

• Add a business activity
• Remove business activity
• Withdraw a business activity

3. Concerning other types of amendments-

• Trade Name change
• Business location change
• Adding and removing partners
• Authorized capital amendment
• Add or change management details
• Liquidation of license
• change the legal form of the company
• Merger of license
• Freeze a business license
• Mortgage of shares or license
• Reduce or increase the share of capital
• Relocation of business
• Change company nationality

License Amendment procedure-

1. The first step requires you to fill in the registration form and select the right amendment. Next, get the initial approval which we can help get for you.

2. Collect specific business approvals (if required) like if your business activity is regulated by another government department then the Dubai Economic Department (DED) will require business activity-specific approvals from that concerned government department.

3. Submit all the required and supporting documents which will depend on the type of amendment that is required. The supporting documents include:

Passport and Emirates ID copy of the UAE national
• Residence or visa details of the non-resident partners.
• No objection letter (NOC) from the current sponsor (applicable to non-residents).
• Memorandum of Association revised and other legal documents needed for amendment.
• No objection letter from the parent company regarding the amendment.
• If you wish to change the local’s service agent, then you will need the company agent agreement or the local service agent agreement.

4. Once you submit the application and all the supporting documents, and approvals, you will receive a payment voucher where you will need to pay the fees and collect the updated license.

We will coordinate with the Departments of Economic Development (DED) on your behalf to help make any possible amendment to your business license to be done smoothly. Our team handles all the license amendment procedures very professionally and also keeps you informed about the expiry of various registrations and licenses too.


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