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Professional License

What is a professional license?

  • A professional license is given to an individual entrepreneur or a corporation to practice professional activities or services of any kind. For example, artisans, service providers, craftsmen, designers, and any career that relies on intellectual ability and talent.
  • Keep in mind that the owner of such enterprise should be owned by a single person and if it is owned by more than one individual then it is referred to as a civil corporation.
  • Foreign nationals are granted 100% ownership of business giving them the privilege of a sole proprietorship but there is one condition.
  • You need to have a local or Emirati citizen as a service agent also known as Wakeel e Khidamt.
  • The agent will not have direct interference in your business but will offer assistance in obtaining a license and other legal activities. They will not be responsible for the organization’s liabilities and have no equity.

Professional license activities

The following is a list of individuals who can apply for a professional license in Dubai:

Advantages of a professional license

  • 100% ownership for foreign nationals with the agreement of a local service agent
  • Flexible markets
  • License is at affordable costs
  • Wide range of activities to choose from
  • No additional corporate or income tax

Obtaining a professional license

  • The first step is to provide an overview of the activities you wish to carry out in your company.
  • Our business consultants will then help you with a local service agent and will handle all the legal paperwork needed to obtain this license.
  • Obtain initial approval from the DED and also a trading name and send all the documents for approval.
  • We will help get the local service agreement form notarized by a public notary.
  • If it is for a civil company license, you will need to get another registration form attested, Civil Agreement.
  • In the court, all investors or partners of business must appear before the registrar.
  • Next, get the consent for your tenancy contract.
  • All the necessary documents will be submitted to the DED branch for approval.
  • Make the payment and collect your license
  • A payment voucher which is like a bill or receipt will be given at the same time.

What are the documents required?

  • Application form 
  • Passports of owners or partners (copies)
  • Visit, tourist or transit visa copies of the foreign owners and partners
  • Local partner’s naturalization book or Jinsiya (copy)
  • A No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from sponsors if the foreign nationals are under an employment visa. If they are on a visit visa, then only a UID number is required.
  • Initial approval from the authorities depending on the nature of activity-DED, RTA, Dubai Municipality, National Media Council, and more.
  • The documents needed for a tenancy contract submission to the Dubai Municipality include ejari registration, a rental contract, name reservation certificate, a prescribed application form (BR1 form), and initial approval from the DED.

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