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The process is easy and stress-free and we can help you out with all the details. The BLS center will collect all your documents, then the Consulate General of India in Dubai or the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi will process your application.

How to renew your passport?

The documents you would require include-

  • Original passport, and
  • Valid Emirates ID

At times, you may also require your expired UAE residence visa. If you are renewing your passport in the BLS centers in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain with residence visas issued in Dubai and vice-versa, then you need to submit additional documents like-a tenancy contract or a valid proof of residency, or a letter from the company or employer that you work within the Emirate.

If any changes need to be done to the passport such as your name and address, then police verification will be required.

If children or minors need to renew their passports, then you would require their-

  • Original passport
  • Valid Emirates ID
  • Passports of both the parents, and
  • Emirates ID of both parents

When will you receive your passport?

All applicants will receive their passports through courier services and will have to wait at least five working days (both adults and minors). If you opt for Tatkal service (urgent) then you will receive it within two working days. Please note that the charges for both adults and minors are different. Also, those who opt for tatkal services have different charges too.


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