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  • Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) offers around one hundred and seventy-three smart services to both tourists and locals to make their daily commute easy and fast.
  • It is for this reason that Dubai is considered to be one of the world’s smartest cities in terms of roads and transport systems.
  • Get in touch with our experts for any paperwork you may need from the RTA services in Dubai, UAE.
  • The variety of services such as parking areas, metro, taxi bookings, bus stations, etc helps drivers and passengers in different ways.
  • The RTA Permit and approval set up by the government were done to provide modern, sophisticated, and advanced infrastructure for road and transport.
  • Obtaining an RTA approval can be difficult so it is advisable to get a well-trained team of experts to help you get the NOC and permit quickly.


  • Original Emirates ID, copy of the passport, and valid residence visa from the buyer.
  • Original Emirates ID, copy of the valid passport to update the information from the buyer (if GCC citizen).
  • Vehicle technical inspection certificate
  • NOC certificate
  • Vehicle electronic insurance
  • Original Emirates ID and vehicle ownership certificate from the seller
  • Letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and valid diplomatic card.


  • Car rental
  • Bus rental
  • Truck rental
  • Cargo transport by heavy vehicles
  • Vehicle transport
  • Special rental cars
  • Special carry cars
  • Cargo transport by light vehicles
  • Chiller/ cooler transport
  • Transport of specialized vehicle
  • Rental of heavy machinery and lifting/ loading vehicles
  • Transporting water
  • Transporting cash, jewellery and valuable items
  • Mobile house rental
  • Gas tanker rental
  • Transport by tour buses
  • Transport of specialized vehicle
  • Transport of petroleum materials
  • Bicycle and motorcycle rental
  • Money and valuables transport services

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