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The Ministry of Health & Prevention (MOH) is a sustainable and effective healthcare system in the UAE responsible for the implementation of all healthcare policies and responsible for a happy and healthy society. Its mission is to enhance the health of the community with innovative, comprehensive, and fair healthcare services that adhere to international standards and also regulate and supervise the healthcare sector through an integrated and modern health legislative system.

The MOH aims to provide exquisite health care services to the citizens of UAE according to international standards, improve the quality of the present systems & develop healthcare facilities that are accessible to everyone. They work towards promoting healthy lifestyles in the UAE to protect its citizens from communicable diseases. They also do their best in enhancing healthcare policies and legislations in the UAE and enforcing its implementation by collaborating with the private and public sectors.


• Issuance, transference, and renewal of a health card
• Issuance of licenses to healthcare staff
• Accreditation to restaurants serving healthy options
• Oversees treatment request approval
• Issuance of birth, death certificate, pre-marital screening, and age estimation
• Addressing complaints about private health facilities
• Issuance of permit to import medicines
• Protection of radiation services
• Blood donation unit provision
• Issuance of health advertisement licenses
• Approval of retirement and medical deficit reports for the aged

In addition to the above-mentioned services, the MOH has departments all over the UAE to conduct medical examinations needed for residence visa issuance. The MOH has also set up a few clinics to provide counseling to smokers to quit and adopt a healthy lifestyle. They are also involved in the attestation of medical certificate facilities.


if you’re planning on opening a healthcare or medical facility in the UAE, you will need professional help as it isn’t an easy task. You will need to get your medical staff registered, and have your equipment and drugs approved by the Ministry of Health. Once your facility is inspected and approved, you will need to obtain the license. Our experts will help you with all the necessary paperwork by coordinating and meeting all the MOH guidelines and getting your business registered. Keep in mind, that it takes a couple of months to get approval from the MOH as there are a lot of technical documents and requirements to be submitted along with your application.


• Approval from the MOH
• Warehousing license from the MOH- Must have the dimension requirements and facilities for the safe storage of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment.
• Valid ISO 13485 certification that is notarised
• Company profile
• Passport copy of the business owner
• Tenancy contract or Ejari
• Valid and legal manufacturing license for the products

Application for your business license is then submitted to the DED, along with all the approvals from the Ministry. In case of rejection, an official intimation would be sent to the individual and you can make the necessary modifications and corrections and resubmit the application for approval.


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