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Immigration Services

Immigration Services:

In Dubai, Amer centers are established to help residents with various transactions and documentation related to immigration services. The main purpose of these centers is to help bring greater efficiency to the governmental processes and cut down on redundant practices. The trained staff use sophisticated and smart technology to finish over 6000 transactions in an entire day.

There are also self-service kiosks to help further speed up the process.
The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs or simply called GDRFA is a government entity that monitors and regulates the residency of foreign nationals in the UAE and also the entry and exit of international travelers. It also supervises all the services provided by the Amer centers too. If you wish to use any of their services, you can contact our business consultants who are very prompt and efficient and will coordinate directly with this government authority.

Here is a quick overview of all the services provided by GDRFA-


Visa Services:

The GDRFA visa services include-
• Residency entry permit for family and company employment both inside and outside the country residencies.
• New/Renewal/Extension /Cancellation visas for employees and family.
• Short or long visit visa or visa on arrival services
• Change status for employee and family
• Visa stamping

Family Book Services:

These services include-
• Modification in the case of marriage or separation
• Addition of a newborn child in the books
• Replacement of a lost and damaged book

Establishment Support Services:

• These services include requests made at the supporting establishments covering support for the company’s electronic services portal.

Passport Services:

GDRFA passport services include the following for UAE nationals-

• Issuance of a passport for wife (husband dependent).
• Issuance of a passport of a newborn child.
• Replacement of a damaged/lost passport
• Issuance of an electronic passport

Emirates ID services:

• Emirates ID (new and renewal) and other related services

Mobile Services 150:

You can use these services to enquire about residence, entry permits, or overstays.

Amer Mobile APP-

GDRFA has made life easier by launching an Amer smart app that allows individuals to make appointments at home. It is available both on iOS and Android software apps. The app will help you get a token and guide you to the nearest Amer Centre with an appointment. However, if you would like to finish your transaction quickly without having to wait in a queue, then you can seek our services anytime.

How can we help?

We help you fill out forms, attest and translate all important documents, and also help you with any queries. We coordinate directly with the officials in Amer and GDRFA to help get your work done faster. With the help of the smart system offered by Amer, we can view the status of all the applications and also get notified if the application is rejected due to any errors and missing documents.


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