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UAE Golden Visa

MAINLAND VISA CANCELLATION: If you are planning to leave UAE permanently and have a residence visa, then it has to be canceled. It has to be done by the sponsor on your behalf and the process is pretty straightforward. While your sponsor handles most of the work, it is important to ensure everything goes smoothly. […]
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Family VISA

FAMILY VISA: If you are an expatriate living in the UAE or on a residence visa, you are allowed to get your family with the help of a family visa. The educational background or profession will not be considered rather the income of the individual looking to sponsor his/her family will be considered. Be sure […]
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Freezone Business Setup

MAINLAND MAID VISA: Hiring the right person for your household is an important decision for many families in the UAE. Although the process can be overwhelming, let us help make it smoother. Here is everything you need to know regarding getting a maid or nanny visa in UAE and what are the documents required-    […]
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Mainland Business Setup

FREEZONE VISA CANCELLATION: The process of canceling the Visa from a Freezone company needs the presence of both the employer and employee at the specific free zone headquarters. They need to meet the officials in person. This is done to ensure that rules are honored and there is a mutual understanding and agreement between both […]
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Employment Visa Services

FREEZONE INVESTOR VISA- The process to apply for the Freezone investor visa is simple, easy, and quick. The cost will vary depending on the Freezone company location, nature of business, and many other factors. UAE is the ideal location for growing any business and most investors choose a free zone because of the investor-friendly processes, […]
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PRO Services in Dubai

FREEZONE EMPLOYMENT VISA: Applying for a Freezone visa is a very simple process and can be done in any of the emirates in the UAE. There are numerous benefits of applying for this type of visa too. Freezone authorities or a reputed company set up business specialist can help you with this process in detail […]
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