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Sharjah Freezone


Sharjah is home to one of the best free zones in the UAE and issues business licenses for many entrepreneurs, companies, and freelancers who wish to set up a free zone company in Sharjah. Considering the various jurisdictions in the UAE, it is the preferred choice for free zone company formation as it represents the historical and cultural side of the UAE and opens doors for future businesses too.

Opening a free zone company in the third largest emirate of UAE is easy as the region is a thriving economic zone and is set to revolutionize commercial and industrial sectors.

Freezones in Sharjah-

  • Hamriyah Free Zone
  • Sharjah Airport International Free Zone
  • Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS)
  • USARTC or U.S.A Regional Trade Centre Free zone
  • Sharjah Publishing City Free zone
  • Sharjah Publishing City Free zone (SPC)

Why start a business in Sharjah Freezone?

  • Get your company officially registered within a few hours.
  • 100% repatriation and foreign ownership of profits and capital.
  • Combine multiple different business activities under one license.
  • It is not mandatory to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your current sponsor.
  • It is a hub for introducing innovative ideas and local media talent.
  • A cost-effective and highly reasonable option for business setup.
  • No submission of paid-up annual audit requirements and share capital.
  • You can easily add twenty visas under one license.
  • You can start the application process for your company from anywhere in the world.
  • Legal framework, cosmopolitan culture, liberal economic policies, and business-friendly company laws of the emirate.

Sharjah Free Zone licenses available-

There are three types of licenses that you can choose in the Sharjah Free Zone:

Commercial License: This is granted for those involved in the sale, trade, and buying of goods. So, if you decide to choose a commercial activity, then you will be issued a free zone commercial license. To name a few examples, real estate services, car rental, and logistics can be classified under commercial activities.

-Industrial License: This is granted to those business individuals involved in the manufacturing and industrial activities. You need a physical office to operate your business activities. Examples include furniture manufacturers, packaging, food product manufacturing, and metal casing.

-Professional License: This is granted to those businesses that provide service-related products like artisans, craftsmen, and service providers. They include services like educational institutions, law firms, medical services, auditing, management consultancy, and accounting.

Documents required for Sharjah Free Zone licenses-

You need to provide the following documents when you apply for the initial approval-

  • Application form
  • Detailed Business plan
  • For individuals, you need a NOC from the current sponsor
  • Clear Passport copies of the Director and shareholders
  • Letter of Intent
  • The title deed of the unit
  • Signature of all shareholders and directors of the company
  • Copy of present trade license applies only to local companies
  • The manager’s original RIC (Registry Identification Code Form) is notarised.
  • A reference certificate from a bank of the shareholder or two years of financial reports that are audited.

After you obtain an initial approval, it is important to pay the fees for your license and register your Freezone business.

The following documents needed include-

  • Registration or application form
  • Passport photo with a white background of the director or manager
  • Notarized and attested board resolution appointing director or manager
  • Notarized and attested Power of Attorney given to the director or manager
  • Notarized and attested Articles and Memorandum of Association
  • Notarized and attested signature of the director or manager
  • Capital share information

How to set up a Sharjah-free zone company?

The process to apply for a Sharjah-free zone company is both easy and smooth once you plan properly. Just follow these simple steps but do not forget to research, plan and follow the rules and regulations of the free zone you select-

  • Making a detailed business setup plan.
  • Choosing a trading name for your company and reserving it with the chosen free zone.
  • Choose and select the office space and location and also decide on the estimated workforce for your business.
  • You need to deposit a capital amount to the bank as instructed by the authorities.
  • Next, you need to complete the business registration and licensing process.
  • The company formation documents need to be signed in front of the free zone authorities by the individual shareholder or corporate shareholder or both parties.
  • The authority will handle all the lease agreements
  • Then your trade license will be issued and once it is granted, you can start applying for a visa.
  • You can even apply for employment visas and open a corporate bank account too.

Setting up a business in Sharjah-free zones requires proper decisions and acute planning. So, get help from a professional team to take care of the process and paperwork smoothly. So, get ready to avail all the advantages that Sharjah has to offer and contact further for advice.


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