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The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) or simply called Tasheel aims at improving the labour processes in the UAE. With the increase in the number of ex-pat workforce, there is a need to streamline the pre-requisites and workings of the UAE Labour Law. The Tasheel is a government authority that simplifies anything labor-related for both the employer and the employee through online payments and transactions. 

TASHEEL services-

There are more than fifteen related labor government services that can be classified into the following categories-


System Services:

Everything related to making registrations, filling forms, compiling and printing reports, making payments, and submitting applications. To name a few-


A. Labour card transactions- If you wish to apply for a new labor card, or mission card, modify an existing labor card by adding salary, occupation, or nationality, or applying for a lost labor card. Also, an employee has to transfer sponsorship status when he/ she switches jobs.


B. Work Permit transactions- If you wish to apply for a new work permit, or amend or modify information on the current work permit such as the nationality or passport number. Also, when a company replaces an employee with another employee to avoid additional charges.


C. Company License Renewal- If you wish to renew your Company Trade License.


D. Miscellaneous Forms- Such as nawakas or missing documents required for work permit and labor card applications, cancel a labor contract if there is any rectification or incorrect information. It usually takes about an hour to update in the system. If the employer wants to cancel the employment contract and labor card of an employee, it can also be done here. Also, the salary certificate of the employee can be issued here.


E. Company Employee List- A company can access the personal details of employees and the number of workers registered and working for the company.


F. Labour Card Information– Can access the basic and detailed information of an employee.

G. Person and owner Information – Can access basic information about a particular employee and also a list of all the valid trade licenses registered in MOHRE in the owner’s name.


H. National List – Can access all national employees registered with the company. 


I. Expired Labour Card List – Invalid labor cards registered under a company that is canceled or expired.


J.PRO Details – Can get basic information on the PRO (public relations officer).


Our experts can help make your dealings and transactions with the MOHRE much better and ensure a hassle-free experience by-Collecting all the physical documents of the company and employees including applications and forms, ensuring error-free transactions, and extending technical support and assistance, and more. Our experts are well versed with the rules and regulations and labour laws and the compulsory requirements of your specific matter.


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